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Costco Wholesale Opening in Fort Wayne Soon

Costco Wholesale is opening next week. This is Fort Wayne's first Costco and it may be giving Sam's Club a run for their money.
Costco Wholesale is opening next week.  This is Fort Wayne's first Costco and it may be giving Sam's Club a run for their money.

Costco could be stealing some of Sam's Club's customers because the new wholesale store has already signed up more than 4,000 members.

Fort Wayne's first Costco has gotten plenty of buzz since it was announced.  The 150,000 foot facility includes it's own gas station, a tire center, in-door food court, pharmacy, fresh produce, meat, and it's own bakery.

Just a 1 minute drive away it Sam's Club, Costco's biggest competitor.  Costco's Store Manager Melanie Crysler says they're ready for the competition.

"We know that Sam's is a great company, they offer a lot of the same things that we offer.  We set ourselves apart with our employees.  When you come into Costco, we treat you like you're part of our family so we're just gonna keep doing what we do all along and that's offer the best prices that we can offer."

Sam's Club's parent company Wal-Mart would not comment on the competitor coming into town but in a side by side comparison, it'll have to be up to the consumer of which they prefer. 

Both Costco and Sam's offer 3 different memberships, but for the everyday shopper an annual membership at Costco is $55.  Sam's Club is ten dollars cheaper at $45.

According to businesstimes.com, Costco offers more coupons on anything from groceries to tires.  The consumer website says both stores have similar return policies.  They also say Costco beats Sam's on food prices.

"If I was going to buy a membership, I would be leaning toward Costco."

"I think it's gonna be the same thing."

"I think it'll be great to have competition for Sam's to help keep prices low for all the consumers."

Costco will open to the public on Wednesday October 16th at 7:30am with a ribbon cutting.
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