Clean Up Efforts Help Restore Kokomo

Clean Up Efforts Help Restore Kokomo

At least two tornadoes ripped through Kokomo damaging hundreds of homes and businesses.

The City of Kokomo is estimating about 100 homes and 100 businesses that have been destroyed from Sunday’s tornado. Severely damaged buildings, snapped trees and turned over cars made up only a portion of damage in Kokomo. The city makes up the hardest hit area of the state after Sunday evening tornados ripped through several Midwest cities.

"It looked like a bomb had went threw here,” said Glenn Collins, a 40-year business owner. Behind him used to be his barbershop

“Just devastated...the whole roof and everything's gone in there," he said.

It’s not yet known how long cleanup will take but James Weir with the Kokomo City Traffic Department has an estimate.

"To get things cleaned up to get to where people can pass through the street, we've got signals down. It's going to be at least a week," said Weir.

Melissa Gibson has spent hours clearing the yard of debris. She recalls the worst moments of the storm.

"They told us to run for cover to get all the kids in,” she said. "I was looking out the window and I saw the tornado coming this way. I think I said, ‘oh my God 100 times or more.’"

Most of her energy went toward boarding up every window of her father’s home.

"I’m glad he didn’t get hurt, it still makes me cry," she said.

Despite the damage, only about a dozen injuries have been reported, but nothing life threatening.

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