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Berne Mother Behind Bars After Attempting to Murder Own Infant

A mother from Berne is behind bars after allegedly attempting to suffocate her 3 month old infant with a sock.
A mother from Berne is behind bars after allegedly attempting to suffocate her 3 month old infant with a sock on October 13th.

Outside the home of Sasha Hunt, a 22 year old mother who has been charged with attempted murder.  The home on North Jefferson Street in Berne, Indiana is where WFFT's Tara Petitt visited the father of the child, Nathan Hunt.

While he did not want to go on camera to discuss the incident involving his wife and son, he did describe exactly what happened.

Mr. Hunt says he had stepped outside of the house for 15-20 minutes.  When he returned inside, he sat on the couch and began watching TV with his wife, who appeared to be content and at ease. 

Moments later, Mr. Hunt says he heard a baby crying hysterically from upstairs.  As he ran up the stairs, Mrs. Hunt yelled for him to stay back, that the baby was fine.

When he opened the closet, Nathan says he found a sock stuffed in the mouth of his 3 month old son, tape wrapped around the infant's head, lying face down on a pillow and blanket.

Mr. Hunt tells WFFT that his wife is bipolar and has been prescribed several different medications over the years.  Hunt believes his wife's disorder may be to blame for her actions.

"Bipolar disorder is a disorder of mood regulation", says Nick Stafford who is a consulting psychiatrist and Vice Chair of MDF Bipolar.

"It's characterized by extreme swings of mood, between becoming very high and elated, or becoming very low and depressed.  Those more extreme situations are seen in mania, on what we call psychotic symptoms.  Those are symptoms where clearly the person has lost touch with reality.  They may experiment with more risk taking behavior in a way that is out of character."

The child will remain in full custody with the father.  Mrs. Hunt was arrested on the charges of attempted murder and neglect to a dependent. 
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