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Backpack Safety for Upcoming School Year

It's back to school time and students will be lugging around piles of books.
It's back to school time and students will be lugging around piles of books.

Doctors tell us that any load on your back for a period of time will start to affect your spine.  Chiropractor Dr. Richard Busch gives us a few pointers when it comes to backpack safety.

Dr Busch says to take a look at the straps when you purchase the bag.

"The smaller the strap the more pressure it's going to put on the child's shoulder that can be doing something that can cause some irritation to the nerves, the arms, and the shoulders."

Look at the material of the strap.

"With a little bit larger straps, making sure they are not made out of heavier materials, like leather. Canvas backpacks may be a bit better."

When packing your bookbag, Dr Busch says you need to think about the weight.

"To make sure that you don't put more than 10-12 or 10-15% of the patients body weight or the student's body weight into that bag."

Although it may be trendy, you should wear the one-strap look.

"It causes imitation to their nerves, and the shoulders, from the lower part of their neck.  Especially if they're just putting it on one side."

He suggests securing both straps on your back tightly.

"One of the shorter term effects is you can strain a muscle.  When we start dealing with back problems, we start to see problem that are really small become bigger problems later on if they are not handled correctly."

Backpack damage is usually short term but doctors say to pay attention to the weight in the bag.

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