Baby Alissa May See Justice

Baby Alissa May See Justice

A Topeka woman may see more time behind bars after the death of a 16-month-old toddler.
"We want to be here to support her and make sure the right thing happens this time." - Bernadine Buccafuri, Lead Organizer, Baby Alissa Cries For Justice

Now for an update to a story we've been following for years. A Topeka woman who served just 77 days for the death one-year old Alissa Guernsey is back behind bars on two meth related charges. Tuesday morning Christy Shaffer appeared at the LaGrange County Court for her initial hearing.

Supporters for baby Alissa have made it clear that they are not backing down from this case until justice is served.

"I could be at home with my family but Alissa is very important to a lot of people," said Bernadine Buccafuri who drove twelve hours from Pennsylvania just to be at Shaffer’s initial hearing.

"We want to be here to support her and make sure the right thing happens this time," she said.

Buccafuri has been the lead organizer of "Baby Alissa Cries for Justice" a Facebook page and website that has garnered more than 100-thousand supporters. Alissa Guernsey was in the care of her cousin, Christy Shaffer, for three months. During that time, Alissa was bruised and beaten to death.

In 2011, Shaffer served 77 days behind bars for two counts of child neglect. She is now back behind bars for violating probation. A probable cause affidavit says Shaffer was arrested for maintenance and possession of methamphetamine in her home.

"It’s somewhat satisfying to see her in handcuffs," said a supporter from Chicago.

The LaGrange County Prosecutor Jeff Wible was not available for a camera interview but he says Shaffer will be tried for her most recent arrest as well as the initial case of Alissa's death with a new judge.

Supporter Dee Clemons traveled 14 hours from North Carolina for this hearing. She hopes this is a step in the right direction.

"I think with a new judge, it's another passer by to keep the public thinking there's going to be change, we're going to push for the change," said Clemons.

In Tuesday’s hearing, Shaffer was appointed a public defender and bail for all charges is 15-thousand dollars. Her next court date is set for December 20 at 1 pm. Alissa's supporters say they are ready for another cross country drive to be at that hearing.

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