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Apple Unveils 2 New Versions of IPhone 5

Apple put weeks of rumors to rest by unveiling not just 1, but 2 new versions of it's signature smartphone.
Apple put weeks of rumors to rest by unveiling not just 1, but 2 new versions of it's signature smartphone. 

The IPhone 5S and IPhone 5C made their debut in California, but are they enough to satisfy investors?  Hoping 2 is better than 1, Apple unveiled a double dose of IPhone.

"We are going to replace the IPhone 5 and we're going to replace it with not one, but two new designs."

The IPhone 5C is a budget version of Apple's smartphone, plastic with a steal frame, available in 5 edifferent colors and priced at $99 dollars for the 16 gigabyte version with a 2 year contract.

It's camera and processor are similar to the current IPhone 5.  The pricier 5S breaks Apple's black and white mold in silver, gold, and space crey.

"It's packed with incredible technologies.  Technologies that are in service of helping people use these devices more in the way that we all want to."

The 5S boasts a fingerprint sensor to replace passwords and Apple says the 5S, with it's new processor, is twice as fast as the IPhone5, also with an improved camera and flash.

New colors aside, the 5C and 5S still look a lot like the IPhone revealed last fall.  That may leave some disappointed but at least one analyst says, it may not be Apple's fault.

"i don't think we should expect Apple or Samsung or Google or Microsoft or any of these players to really kind of come out with something that's going to change the world again like the original IPhone did."

Meanwhile, the latest update to Apple's operating system IOS7 will be available for free download on Wednesday, September 18th.  The IPhone 5C and 5C will be in stores next Friday September 20th. 

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