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Agreement Reached on Syria's Chemical Weapons

An agreement has been reached on what to do with Syria's chemical weapons.
An agreement has been reached on what to do with Syria's chemical weapons and while many are relieved that military action has been avoided, some Legislators wonder if it will be enough.

A military strike in Syria seems very unlikely for now, since the United States and Russia have tentatively agreed. The Assad Regime should have until the middle of 2014 to get ride of their chemical weapons.  Here in the States, not everyone thinks that is a good deal.  In fact Republican Senator John McCain is calling it a loser.

McCain says, "It if works, we're going to see the Russian facilitating the departure of chemical weapons while plane load after plan load of Russian aircraft coming into Damascus full of weapons and devices to kill Syrians.  Of which there is over 100,000."

President Obama's position has softened significantly in the last few weeks.  At the beginning of this month, a strike in Syria seemed certain but now he says the mere threat of US force brought Assad to the negotiating table.

The President is defending his response to Assad's chemical weapons use.

Obama says, "This is not the Cold War.  This is not a contest between the United States and Russia.  I mean, the fact of the matter is that if Russia wants to have some influence in Syria post Assad, that doesn't hurt our interests."

President Obama also revealed for the first time in that interview, that he has exchanged letters with Iran's new president Hassan Rowhani and that's important because his Secretary of State, John Kerry, was in Israel and said Iran and North Korea are paying attention to what we do in Syria.

We cannot have quote..."hollow words in the conduct of international affairs."
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