Active Shooter Training in Jay County Serves as Valuable Practice

Active Shooter Training in Jay County Serves as Valuable Practice

Jay County faculty and staff recieve an active shooter drill.

Students and faculty in Jay County have recieved training in the case an active shooter enters the campus. This comes after a fatal shooting  on Monday near Reno, Nevada. The Jay County Sheriff's Department led this active shooter training because they say it will save the lives of both students and faculty.

Every life counts was the message at Jay County High School's active shooter training. Vice Prinicpal of Jay County High School, Chad Dodd says fatal school shootings are rare, but not impossible. 

"They ask us not to use if it happens but when it happens and I think our philosophy has to be to be ready, we gotta have a plan," said Dodd.

The most recent deadly school shooting occurred Monday near Reno, Nevada. The shooting left two dead and two more injured.

"The incident yesterday, the incident toward the end of last school year, those events just heightened our sense of awareness and we take the information from those situations and we apply it to our plan and try to make it better," he said.

"The time to learn about complications is not after it happens," said Rob Bicknell, Chief Deputy of the Jay County Sheriff Department.

He says this drill served as good practice but improvements can still be made.

"In a sense I would have been disappointed if it had been perfect because we want to learn from the things that didn’t go as planned so that we're better prepared in the event if something does happen," said Bicknell.

State troopers are bringing this active shooter training to as many counties as possible. The next will be in Noble County at the end of this month.

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