9-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Gives Back

9-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Gives Back

Nine-year-old Sophia Eager might be young, but she's already been through so much.

Nine-year-old  Sophia Eager might be young, but she's already been through so much.  She was diagnosed with bilateral Wilms’ disease—cancer in both of her kidneys.  Sophia was just four-years-old. 

Sophia’s  family took her to Riley’s  Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, where she would undergo countless rounds of chemotherapy and a major surgery to remove tumors from both kidneys.  

Sophia and her dad Jason wanted to give back to the hospital. 

“Because of where she’s been and what she’s gone thought with the hospital, we wanted to make sure that they will be able to help others children in the future,” said Jason Eager. 

What they did was enter a contest that the hospital was running. To enter, Sophia drew and submitted a picture of a monster and the design with the most online votes—wins.

“The monster that wins they make a stuffed animal out of it,” said Sophia. 

Sophia won the contest and her stuffed animal came to life.  She named it  ‘Blobby Katy.’ $5 from each one sold will go back to the hospital. 

“Blobby Katy is a promise monster,” said Sophia. 

Promise monsters like Blobby Katy, come with an act of kindness that the owner must complete. The good deed that comes with blobby Katy was thought of by Sophia..

“The mission that I picked was to visit the children at the hospital and share a special talent because that was my favorite thing that happened when I was in the hospital,” said Sophia. 

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