300,000 Square Feet Burned at LaGrange County Factory

300,000 Square Feet Burned at LaGrange County Factory

A massive fire burned through the night in Mongo.
The Mongo Fire Department says this fire took more than 12 hours to get under control. Mongo Fire says if it wasnt for the help of 34 local fire departments helping put out the blaze, the situation could have gotten much worse.

"It's not completely out yet, there's fire in that facility that we cannot reach," said Mongo Fire Department Chief Ike Notestine. 

He says he has lived in the small town all his life.

"I knew what the facility was and I knew what was on fire," said Notestine. "They told us it was 330,000 square feet that was on fire. So i knew we needed a lot of help."

The burned building was just one that Brighton Cob Co. operated from. The building held mostly inventory and equipment. The manager of the property Bill Gillespie, says that the burned building held a significant amount of fuel load like corn cobs. He said despite the massive fire, the Brighton Cob Company and it's five employees will still operate out of their neighboring building.

"Whether it's a safety issue, or the ability to reach it because of rubble and burnt material, walls, equipment and everything we cant get to it....it'll just have to burn itself out," said Notestine.

Notestein says crews were on the scene from the intial call of 8:15 Saturday evening, all the way into Sunday afternoon.
"This is the largest fire we've ever been involved in," he said.

William Gilger lives about a football field away from the property. He saw the entire thing.

"I've lived next to this building for 21 years now, I have childhood memories over there. It makes me a little sad," said Gilger.

The cause of the fire is still unknown. Chief Notestein says no one was inside the building at the time of the fire and no injuries have been reported.
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