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1 in 4 Teens Report to Misusing or Abusing Prescription Drugs

Since 2008, 1 in 4 teens report to misusing or abusing prescription drugs before the age of 18.
Since 2008, 1 in 4 teens report to misusing or abusing prescription drugs before the age of 18.

Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller's Prescription Drug Abuse Task Force recommended new rules that were recently adopted by the Medical Licensing Board to keep tabs on physicians.

Locally, we have had a number of doctors accused of over-prescribing powerful pain meds but Zoeller says no more.

The Medical Licensing Board of Indiana recently adopted new rules that are aimed at curing what some call a statewide prescription drug abuse epidemic.

It forces all physicians statewide who are going to manage pain patients in their practice to follow an objective set of rules.

Board Certified Pain Physician Daniel Roth played a big role in recommending these new rules recently adopted by the Medical Licensing Board.  Roth ists on Attorney General Greg Zoellers Prescription Drug Task Force.

The new rule now requires all physicians to use the state's drug monitoring system inspect, which shows what medications have been prescribed to a patient.  The idea is to prevent people from Dr. shopping and put an end to over prescribing.

"There are definitely some bad apples out there and physicians prescribing pain meds for the wrong reason."

Since January, the Attorney General's office has filed complaints against more than 15 doctors for over prescribing.  Locally, Dr. William Hedrick and Dr. James Ranochak have been under the microscope for questionable practices.

The new rules will also allow the AG's office to inspect physicians records with ease.  Zoeller says "by ensuring physicians are educating and closely monitoring patients and Hoosier patients are well informed, we can help stop cases of doctor shopping and even over-prescribing."

These new rules come just days before the AG's annual drug symposium which focuses on Indiana's prescription drug epidemic. 
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