Ball State Cardinals In Detroit for MAC Media Day

Published 07/31 2014 02:25PM

Updated 07/31 2014 02:34PM

The Ball State Cardinals headed up to Detroit this week for MAC Media Day.  The team finished last season with 10 wins, which was the second most in program history, but they lost a lot in the off-season.

Both the offensive and defensive coordinators and one of the biggest questions still on the minds of fans is who is going to replace Keith Wenning?

Coach Lembo is not giving a lot of hints as to who, but still, he seems confident in the options.

"We've got guys in there doing extra workouts, and ladder drills, and 7 on 7, and willing to put in that extra work and I think that's the culture that the guys learn as they're  there a little longer."

"I had the 5 captains over for dinner about 10 days ago and we had a nice conversation and I said 'What do you think has changed the most in your time at Ball State?' and the thing they all pointed to was the internal competition to play.

"I still take it as the same approach as when I was a walk on, or I mean scout.  Team player, and just coming and proving my spot everyday.  Everyday someone is coming after my spot, so it's just that internal competition that you have with yourself about never getting lackadaiscal and content with where you are because you always have somewhere to get better."

"Believing in who you are, and dancing with the girl you brought to the prom, and so to me that's what it's all about right now.  All right, yeah, there's going to be some different pieces in some different positions but the core of what we're doing is pretty good and pretty sound, so let's not mess with it too much."

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