Adams Central Youth Camp

By Zach Hughes |

Published 08/04 2014 01:54PM

Updated 08/04 2014 02:14PM

High School Football Season is gearing up with practice starting for the majority of our area teams.

As much as the focus has been on how the summer training and off seasons have been going for the teams, it's sometimes good to take a step back and look at the big picture of what high school sports teach the players and the responsibility that comes with representing something bigger than themselves.

The majority of teams have some sort of youth camps where they help teach the little guys the techniques and have some fun and WFFT's Zach Hughes saw first hand how much something this simple means to the kids and players involved.

In what was supposed to be a down week before practice begins, the Adams Central Varsity crew took no time off.  In fact, they spent their week helping some future jets.

"We have all these crazy kids out here, and we try to teach them the fundamentals of football, and tell them all the basics so they can be prepared for middle school and high school."

"This is a great way for me as the head coach to learn our young kids. Adams Central is a 1A school. We're a K through 12 building. It gives me a great opportunity that they can see me, they know who I am, and then I get to know these young kids, and I get to see them every year, and get to know them, get to know their names, their abilities and skills. Plus, it's a great opportunity for our high school kids to come out here."

"It's just fun to come out here with the kids. We're playing games back there having fun, kinda being competitive, haha, it's just fun."

"It's for the kids, they come out here and have fun, and hopefully they take something away from it to go when they play DFL and what not."

"I remember when I was here at Adams Central playing as a student-athlete, I can still remember the teams I was on, I remember the older varsity guys who were my coaches. I think it's just big for these kids to see that those varsity guys are not just somebody they see on the field, that they're people like them, and they get to know them, and they look up to them, and it's just a great opportunity for them to serve the community, serve the school in that way, and I love doing it."

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