Isaac Griffith Speaks Publicy for first time Since Accident

Published 04/05 2014 11:28PM

Updated 04/06 2014 11:27PM

Isaac Griffiths story is one of tragedy and triumph, one in which he and his teammates and friends explained in great detail at a press Conference Held at Indiana University Saturday Afternoon.

Griffith took the Podium surrounded by his parents and teammates Nick Stoner, Ty Smith and Mitch McCune.  As the story is revealed, it is evident that the circumstances surrounding the incident were set in place just right.

Smith, a Wide Receiver and Track Star for the Hoosiers,  sprinted about 550 yards - the length of five football fields to get help for Isaac after he and McCune pulled him from the ocean.

The Griffiths expressed gratitude for the quick thinking actions that his friends took that ultimately saved his life

Isaac and his fellow teammates were vacationing on Spring Break in Florida when they decided to take a late night dip in the ocean. None of the young men traveled far into the ocean, in fact, Isaac was just waist deep when he was quickly whisked away by a strong current

"I was kind of being thrust out farther than I wanted to in the water," Griffith said. "I kind of panicked. In my mind, I realized it was time to go back in, and when I tried to go back in, I just got swept out further."

Because the water was extremely choppy, his friends lost sight of him, at which point Stoner immediately climbed a lifeguard tower and directed McCune and Smith to Griffith with Hand movements.  McCune was able to reach Griffith and pull him to shore, at which point both McCune and Smith administered CPR.

"We brought him back onto the shore," Smith said. "I just said, 'Nick, go get an ambulance, Hurry....Run.'"

Smith then sprinted to get help.

Griffith was put into a medically induced coma for a couple of days at which point, he was brought out due to the rapid healing of his lungs.

Shannon Griffith credits the fast thinking and fearless actions of McCune, Smith and Stoner for saving his life, and Isaac says he will never take anything for granted again,

"I wake up every day and I thank God for what he's done with my life, to get back to football, and to be with my friends and family"

Issac plans on returning to football, and is working with strength and conditioning trainers but the re-introduction will be slow.

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