Executive Committee Tables Basketball Tournament Proposal

Published 05/05 2014 06:48PM

Updated 05/05 2014 06:52PM

The Executive Committee voted to table the first of two proposals from the Indiana Basketball Coaches Association that would
create a hybrid format for the boys and girls basketball tournaments.
The proposal called for a reduction of the current four‐class tournament to three classes, create two divisions in each class at thes ectional level resulting in 80 different sectionals. Those sectional winners would then come together in each class at the regionalround.

After considerable discussion, the Executive Committee will form a joint task force that will consist of IHSAA board members, staff
members (Assistant Commissioners Phil Gardner and Sandra Walter), along with members of the IBCA and the IIAAA (athletic
directors association) to further study the proposal. The committee will meet over the next several months and report back to the Executive Committee at its October meeting.
“There is some interest in this proposal but it has a lot of moving parts with financial implications for our member schools,” said

IHSAA Commissioner Bobby Cox. “We decided creating a task force was a good course of action to further study the impact and its
A second proposal from the coaches association that would change the length of quarters of junior varsity and freshmen basketball
games from six to seven minutes each also was acted upon. The original proposal was amended by the committee and passed
unanimously leaving freshmen quarters at six minutes each and increasing junior varsity games to seven minute quarters. Varsity
quarters are played with eight minutes quarters.
The Executive Committee also commended the IBCA for its hard work in preparing a proposal given all the complexities of the

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