Colin Chaulk's Hockey House a Hit in The Summit City

Published 07/04 2014 09:44AM

Updated 07/05 2014 04:35PM

Bio of Colin Chaulk Courtesy: Hockey House

Colin Chaulk, a Toronto native, is currently assistant coach of the Kalamazoo Wings in the ECHL.  Retired this past season after 15 years of a pro playing career to begin a coaching career in hockey.  Chaulk was the previous captain and assistant coach of  Fort Wayne Komets.  Chaulk led the Komets over the past 10 years to 5 Championships.  Prior to the Fort Wayne Komets, Chaulk’s professional career spanned a variety of cities and leagues including the AHL, NHL training camp, UHL, CHL, ECHL and Alleghe (Italy).As much as Chaulk enjoys playing, his passion for the game extends to a love of coaching and teaching. Over the past 15 years he has built a reputation of quality instruction and provides personal attention for each and every player. Colin is married to his childhood sweetheart Jillian, has two daughters.

Who am I as a coach and why bring your child to Hockey House ——-  I know this game—from the perspective of an athlete, coach, captain, and business manager. I am the current assistant coach for the Kalamazoo Wings in the ECHL.   Prior to this season I was the assistant coach and captain for the Fort Wayne Komets.  I also have created and managed a successful hockey program, Hockey House, Inc. Hockey House specializes in individual and team player development from minor league players to professional athletes. The success of this program has afforded me a greater ability to teach and lead players in the game. I’ve been able to witness the skills that made me a successful hockey player transition into a successful hockey teacher. I lead and instruct my players by example: I am able to motivate and empower players with confidence, which assists them in their ability to learn and retain the skill being taught. My ability to instruct and teach all levels of players through feel is what makes each player better–I can do this as I was a player who played the game through feel.

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