White House Plays Defense Over Problems with Federal Website

Published 10/29 2013 02:32PM

Updated 10/29 2013 02:39PM

The White House continues to play defense over ongoing problems with the federal website, healthcare.gov.  Another crash over the weekend has given some ammunition to a growing number of skeptics in Congress, which now includes some Democrats.

More technical problems as Americans in state relying on the federal exchange experience difficulty signing in.

"Obviously, I'm not online right now.  I'm sure the people who are working on this issue are addressing the question you just raised."

The date-services hub crashed.  That's the part of the site that provides personal information to insurers and other agencies, it has now been fixed.

"We have acknowledged that healthcare.gov has not performed adequately and the President is not happy about that."

The White House says they need until the end of November to fix the website, but some are skeptical about the deadline and the basic problems with the law.

"This is just the beginning of a large program that is going to be very difficult to work.  Really, it's going to be in a downward spiral."

The House Energy and Commerce Committee is investigating who is accountable for the vast technical problems and are looking at Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius for answers.

"We'll continue to work on it and we'll see what answers the secretary has on Wednesday when she testifies."

Secretary Sebelius will testify before that committee on the same day President Obama travels to Boston for an event at Faneuil Hall.  That's where 7 years ago, Governor Mitt Romney signed his signature healthcare bill into law.

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