Stage Collapses Under More Than 200 Girls

Published 03/11 2014 02:10PM

Updated 03/11 2014 02:16PM

Music turns to mayhem at a high school in California as the stage collapsed under more than 200 girls.

A packed stage performing for a full house.  It's a scene that plays out at high schools across America, but this one has a sudden, scary twist.

The girls of Rosary High School were holding their Annual Red and Gold Performance at their sister school in Anaheim, California when in an instant, cheers turned into screams.

As the front section of the stage collapsed, it dropped some of the girls in gold into a pit several feet below.

"It was already at the end of the show.  They were getting ready to judge the contestants and everything just came to a screeching halt."

Leading to some tense moments.

"There were well over 200 students on stage when it collapsed."

Some of the injured were treated on scene.

More than 2 dozen were loaded onto gurneys and into ambulances headed for local hospitals.  The injuries described as minor to moderate, including some broken bones but non life threatening.

"She seems to be okay other than that the ankle is broken but you know, I got to go chase her right now."
"...go to the hospital?"
"Go to the hospital right now."

A frantic finale this year for the school's cherished musical theater production.  Meanwhile, officials are investigating the cause of the collapse.

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