Search Crews Cannot Find Answers to Missing Flight 370

Published 03/11 2014 02:39PM

Updated 03/11 2014 02:53PM

Search crews cannot seem to find answers in the disappearance of Malaysia Flight 370.

The jetliner and 239 people aboard, vanished enroute to Beijing from Malaysia early Saturday morning.  The search area is being expanded while families hang on to what little hope they can.

Investigators are puzzled.  How could a plane packed with passengers disappear over the South China Sea?

The key to what happened to Malaysia Flight 370 could be lost somewhere in the vast open ocean.  A newly expanded search area includes a larger portion of the Gulf of Thailand between Malaysia and Vietnam.

"If the plane broke apart midair, whether it be from an explosion or from something mechanical, losing control, or losing a structural member, then you would expect to see a very wide debris field."

Two US Navy warships are helping in the multi-national search.  They're trying to find answers for the families of 239 people onboard.  3 American are among the missing.  More than half were Chinese Nationals.

"I'm not going home until I know what happened.  We've lost loved ones and they need to answer our questions.  When are you going to tell us and what are you going to do?  We still don't know if they are alive or dead."

Adding to the mystery, investigators say 2 of the passengers were traveling with stolen passports, and both tickets were bought in Thailand.  This has raised concerns, but officials say so far they haven't found a link to terrorism.

"Initially we don't know about their nationality yet but we gave orders for the police to investigate the passport users."

Officials are quick to caution, it's too early to arrive to any conclusion.  Their priority is finding any solid lead.

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