Pressure Mounting To Fix Technical Problems With Obamacare Website

Published 10/23 2013 02:48PM

Updated 10/23 2013 03:00PM

Pressure is mounting when it comes to fixing technical problems with the Obamacare website.  The confusion surrounding the website has prompted some politicians to speak out.

Some in Congress are calling for a later deadline to sign up for new healthcare insurance.

With the rollout of Obamacare garnering more criticism by the day, a proposal for more time to fix it.  In fact, Florida Senator Marco Rubio says he'll introduce a bill next week to push back the March 31st deadline to sign up for healthcare coverage.

Rubio says, "it's not fair to Americans who have tried and failed to sign up.  It's calling for a limited delay on the individual mandate until the website is fixed.  I think that's a very prudent approach.  Quite frankly, I think that's where we're going to have to wind up anyway."

On Monday, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney didn't rule out the idea of a delay.

"Most of the enrollment comes later, as the deadlines near so we full expect to have all of our systems operating more efficiently as we approach those deadlines."

While the shortcomings of Obamacare are front and center, some still say it's been a success.  In Kentucky, the Governor say it's smooth sailing.

"It's working.  We're still signing people up at roughly 1,000 a day.  It's a great rate and a great success so far."

As for the American public, some don't see it that way, at least not yet.  A new press research center poll shows that only 41% of Americans approve of the Affordable Care Act and 46% who tried to sign up say the online exchanges were not working well.

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