Obama Addresses Concerns About Obamacare Website

Published 10/22 2013 02:22PM

Updated 10/22 2013 02:33PM

It has been 3 weeks since the website for Obamacare was launched.  The President addressed concerns about the massive technical malfunctions associated with the website.

The message: The Affordable Care Act itself is a success even if the online rollout was not.

"There is no sugarcoating it.  The website has been too slow, people are getting stuck during the application process, and I think it's fair to say that nobody is more frustrated by that than I am."

Speaking in the Rose Garden, President Obama was joined by some people who he says have already benefited from Obamacare.

"The product, the health insurance is good.  The prices are good.  It is a good deal."

The Obama Administration says almost half a million people have filled out applications for Obamacare but others have found they can't even log in, and if they do their information is wrong or missing.

"We've got people working overtime, 24/7 to boost capacity and address the problems."

The technical debacle is receiving criticism from both sides of the aisle.

"It's been a fiasco, send Air Force 1 out to Silicon Valley, load it up with some smart people, bring them back to Washington, fix this problem, it's ridiculous."

"I think how the technology is working is unacceptable and they are working to correct that."

Obama said, the website problems will be fixed and preaching patience reminded everyone that it's just 3 weeks into a 6 month open enrollment period.

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