Indiana Family Aboard Ethiopian Flight 707 when Plane was Hijacked

Published 02/19 2014 02:31PM

Updated 02/19 2014 02:37PM

An international story with ties right here in the Hoosier State as an Indiana family was among those aboard Ethiopian Flight 707 when the plane was hijacked by it's co-pilot and taken to Geneva.

Jolene Shrock was on the plane when it happened...

"It's still really hard for me to really process what happened.  We were just about an hour and a half into our flight and it felt like there was some commotion up front and all of a sudden the plane quickly dropped in altitude and the masks came down.  My husband was sleeping across the aisle from me and so was my daughter, Claire.  I was the only one awake so I quickly put my mask on like they tell you to do and there was just yelling over the intercom 'put your masks on! Sit down! Put your masks on! Sit down!'"

Officials say the co-pilot was not armed and no one was injured.

After the plane landed, the co-pilot climbed out of the cockpit window and asked for asylum.

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