New Issues Emerge On Enrollment in Obamacare

Published 11/05 2013 02:04PM

Updated 11/05 2013 02:20PM

Another weekend of problems for the Government's healthcare website, just as new issues emerge about who's actually enrolling in Obamacare. 

The outages are going to become a regular feature of the Obamacare website, at least for the time being.  A new disclosure at the top says it will be down everyday from 1-5am while it's being fixed.

After pledging Obama left the White House this weekend to play golf, just as the website itself went down again for an extended period of maintenance.

"That individual market is going away.  They don't want to invest in it.  No, the insurance companies are making that choice, not the President."

That his top surrogates including the so-called architect of Obamacare, Ezekiel Emanuel.  To explain not just why millions of Americans are losing their current health insurance plans because of law, but how Obamacare will support itself.

Early numbers from two state exchanges show that of the thousands who have enrolled, nearly all of them are seeking free Medicaid coverage, not paid insurance plans that the system will depend on for financing.

"Look, the system will never work unless there is 5-7 million people in the private side of this exchange, not the Medicaid.  They are nowhere near that.  There at dead stop 0 at this point.  They haven't signed up hardly anybody."

"We have all the way until March 31st to get 5-7 million and we would expect naturally , people will put off buying until the end, and therefore, those numbers are irrelevant."

The President, meantime, will head to Dallas this week to build support for his plan despite the troubled rollout.

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