Worker's Union Files Lawsuit Against the City

Published 05/19 2014 02:23PM

Updated 05/19 2014 02:42PM

A workers union in Fort Wayne files a lawsuit against the City claiming that changes to an existing collective bargaining agreement without negotiations violated the State Constitution.

This is a second battle between the City and union workers.

You might remember last week at a heated City Council meeting, 3 ordinances were introduced that could potentially eliminate collective bargaining for city union workers.

On May 9th, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 723 submitted a lawsuit against the City.

Bruce Getts, a business representative with the union says the injunction is against changes made last June to sick time and health care benefits for union workers.

According to him, contract negotiations were cancelled between the union and the City last November.

Getts says he wants the city to follow the Collective Bargaining Ordinance and return to negotiations for their current contract.

Getts says this lawsuit is unrelated to three ordinances introduced last week to City Council.

One of the authors of the ordinances, Republican Councilman John Crawford says the lawsuit is an example of why collective bargaining wastes time and taxpayer money.

City Council is holding a meeting on Tuesday, May 20th where union reps and councilmen can present their case and debate the ordinances.

This discussion will continue through the 27th, where it will likely move to a vote.

If Mayor Tom Henry vetoes the vote, the City Council would then vote on the ordinances again in early June.

6 council members must vote in favor of the ordinances for it to override a veto from the Mayor.

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