Wintry Weather Leads to Damaged Vehicles

Published 02/04 2014 06:56PM

Updated 02/05 2014 09:48AM


The winter weather is still hitting us hard and while many of us may be tired of Mother Nature’s fury, several body shops around Fort Wayne are loving it. Cracked bumpers and bent rims are some damages seen on cars during this dangerous driving season.

"The snow the ice, sliding off the roads, sliding into ditches, sliding into other cars," said Rhonda Andrews-Woodruff with the car care company, Fox and Fox. She says this winter season has kept them especially busy.

"A lot of times this year you have people sliding and bumping into curbs they may not even realize they damaged their vehicle, in that case we see bent rims, damaged tires. So it is a very busy time of the year," she said.

 Ice and snow is thing but another burden to look out for is expanding potholes. Frank Suarez with the city says more than 100 calls for potholes.

"We filled each one that we got a call for within four hours,” said Frank Suarez with the City of Fort Wayne. “The heavy rain we saw over the weekend coupled with the snow that was already on the ground really created a lot of problems for our streets. And the streets really did take a beating."

Also, when driving on icy roads, it’s important to remember to take extra care for those non emergency vehicles that rely on the streets to do their job. For example, mail carriers need space to work.

"We’re still out there delivering medicine and checks and everything that we do," said Postmaster of Fort Wayne, Cindy Klaiber.

As well as the hundreds of city, county and regional plow drivers.

The biggest driving tip to help yourself and others around you is to always slow down, allow yourself plenty of time for a turn, and try not to lock up your brakes. Indiana State Troopers say that nearly all of the weather related accidents this year in our area, have been caused by poor driving, not poor conditions.

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