Whitley County Blaze Kills Two

Published 03/06 2014 09:03PM

Updated 03/07 2014 11:26AM

 Two people are dead after a house fire in the small town of Coesse. 

It happened on 2400 block of Barr Street around midnight.   Neighbor Daniel Pettigrew saw the blaze.

“It was a big ball of fire. I got up and looked out the window and the neighbors’ house was on fire,” said Pettigrew.    

Five people in total were inside when the blaze started.  two kids, their father, and both grandparents all inside.  The chief of The Union Township Fire Department says the children woke up their grandparents and safely evacuated, but their father still trapped inside.

Feeling helpless, the Grandfather went back into the burning building, a desperate attempt to save his loved one.It was a move that ultimately cost both men their lives.  Once the blaze was out, both bodies were discovered. One of the bodies was found in the kitchen and the other in the bedroom.

“It is a big tragedy and we are very supportive of the families involved,” said Family pastor Kevin Ousley. 

Pastor Ousley wants the children to know that their community is behind them.

“We as a community love them and want to there in any way that we can,” said Ousley. 

“I feel sorry for the family I hope the best for them once everything gets done and over with and God will be with them,” said Pettigrew. 

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