WFFT In Chicago For Freedom To Marriage Hearing

Published 08/26 2014 08:34AM

Updated 08/26 2014 08:46AM

The Federal Court hearing for Indiana's Freedom To Marriage takes place Tuesday morning in Chicago. The 7th District of Appeals will hear from plaintiffs across the state as well as representatives from Indiana. This federal court hearing is for both Indiana and Wisconsin couples.

Monday evening a rally was held across the street from the Dirksen Federal Building where the hearing will take pl6ace Tuesday.

WFFT Local's Isabella Moller is in Chicago covering this story and she has the story of a Fort Wayne couple who traveled to Chicago to support change.

"Marriage is a legal contract and what we are all about is ensuring is that the legal contract is available to all Hoosiers and all American citizens," said Harriet Miller of Fort Wayne.  Same sex marriage is legal in 19 states and the District of Columbia, and plaintiffs and couples hope Indiana will be added to that list.

Harriet Miller and Monica Werhle traveled from Fort Wayne early Monday morning to be in Chicago for the rally as well as the court hearings Tuesday morning. Monica is excited that both Indiana and Wisconsin are rallying together for justice. "We want our state to be like every other state that has justice for same sex marriage." Monica and Harriet married at the Allen County Court House on June 25th, and are excited to be rallying for their freedom on their 2 month anniversary.

Harriet says the rally is a celebration for all those that have come forward to speak out for their rights. "We want equal rights, we want the same protection that the constitution grants all Americans."

Jane Henegar, Executive Director of ACLU of Indiana, says that Tuesday's hearing is important for the judges to hear the logical discussions of the case. "The judges really want to ask questions and help have the lawyers help them through their thinking. Then they'll adjourn and they'll take it under advisement and they will come up with a decision."

Monica says at Tuesday's court hearing plaintiffs will be relying on their legal team to discuss their rights. "We're very confident in our legal council and we look forward to hearing some wonderful things about the United States constitution."

Harriet says that this court hearing sets a precedent for the future... "Tomorrow demonstrates us and the other plaintiffs is that when you do speak up you can make a difference."

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