Wetlands' Annual Earth Day Celebration

Published 04/28 2014 02:44PM

Updated 04/28 2014 03:00PM

Several organizations were at Eagle Marsh in Fort Wayne in support of the Wetlands' Annual Earth Day Celebration! It was a bit of a belated celebration but non the less, hundreds of people came out to show their love and support of the community and environment.

"This event is about Earth Day and just celebrating the wonderful opportunities that we have here in Allen County and Eagle Marsh."

Amy Silva is the Executive Director for the Little River Wetlands Project.  She says this annual event is a great way to bring the community together and educate individuals about the importance of our natural environment.

"So many of us are trying to have a piece of an impact on our environment, and all working together, we can do so many more things."

Sunday's Earth Day celebration included several educational stations, activity tents, and hands-on projects, all of which were sponsored by several local nonprofit organizations.

"General Motors is out here as our other major sponsors, working with the watershed and showing some watershed demonstrations."

"Well what happens, do you think, when it rains?"

"If those weren't there to absorb, see where those absorb? All that would be going right into the water."

"General Motors and the GM Foundation have been a long time supporter of the Little River Wetlands Project.  They are in our watershed, and environmental issues are very near and dear to GM's heart."

Stephanie Jentgen is the Communications Manager at General Motors.

"The plant itself is an actual zero landfill free facility, and we have a number of programs that place us in the top of the county as far as our environmental stewardship.  So we wanna be part of the community, come tell our good story, and support this very worthy cause as we celebrate Earth Day."

The Fort Wayne Outfitters Bike Depot was available for bike valet.  Eden Lamb works for the company, and says it was a great day to show her company's pride in taking care of the environment.

"We try to pick brands that are environmentally friendly.  Reuseable bottles, things like that.  Anything that can help the local area and the area around us."

"We're one of the founding partners with Little River Wetlands Project for the Earth Day event here and we strongly believe in what they do as a preservation of the environment through their wetlands."

Jeff Gard is the Area Manager for Aqua Indiana.  As a neighbor to the Wetlands, Gard says Aqua Indiana was proud to sponsor the event.

"Aqua is very in  tune with being a good steward of the environment, and naturally partnership is easily alligned."

If you missed out on the Earth Day Celebration, Eagle Marsh is open every day, and is free to visit from dawn to dusk.

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