Weatherman Versus Food - Wings Etc Two


Published 02/19 2014 10:17PM

Updated 02/24 2014 08:52AM

As you've seen many times on Friday nights for Weatherman Versus Food, WFFT weekend meteorologist andrew logsdon ate plenty of wings that could have been sauced by the devil himself.

And now, the tables have been turned- as we return to those wings joints with some of you feeling the burn.

This week on Weatherman Versus Food, we return to Wings Etc. and the wall of flame challenge.

And we're back at one of the spiciest places in the region.

You might remember last year when I braved the sauce and put my picture forever on the wall of flame.

Tonight, it's Ean McFadden's turn to feel the burn.

"Well, I've eaten salsa with habanero in it, and it was pretty hot." 'How'd you handle that?' "Handled it quite well, actually. I was surprised for my first time,” McFadden says.

Tonight, he's eating sixteen wings soaked in the habanero-based wall sauce.
And here they come.

He's got no time limit, but no dips or drinks.

And his first bite- and first step towards glory.

"Ooooo, got a little bite to them."

Just a little way in, and already sweating at four wings.

He keeps going, and the wall sauce digs its claws in.

"It's like I'm feeling numb a little bit."

He's halfway- but wait!

We count seventeen wings!

"They gave me an extra one!"

If he can eat all seventeen, he'll not only win- but will beat the weatherman.

The sauce slows him down, but Ean keeps fanning the flames- all the way to the last wing.

"Getting that extra sauce on it."

And he wins the challenge, and bests what I did nearly a year ago.

He gets his shirt, and his picture forever stapled to the wall of flame!

It's amazing seeing some of these guys doing better than Andrew.

If you'd like to compete in an upcoming Weatherman Versus Food challenge, send Andrew an email.

But be warned- that is some hot stuff.

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