Weatherman Versus Food: Wings Etc. The 'Wall of Flame' Challenge

Published 05/10 2013 08:38PM

Updated 06/05 2013 08:59AM

I'm weekend meteorologist Andrew Logsdon and I'm back with another Weatherman Versus Food challenge.

This week I was at Wings Etc. in northeast Fort Wayne, taking on the habanero-drenched wings of their 'Wall of Flame' challenge.

The 'Wall of Flame' challenge-
It's sixteen jumbo wings swimming in their habanero-based 'Wall Sauce.'

The rules-
"It can be regular or boneless wings. They have to- you cannot have a drink, there's not a time limit. They're habanero, so they're hot," says Wings Etc. Store Manager Tanya Warstler.

And no dips or sauces.

"The habanero pepper, which is the base of the wall sauce. This used to be the world's hottest pepper. Not anymore, but it still packs a wallop."

The 'Wall of Flame' chronicles the challenge's five-year history.

"You ready Andrew? -I'm ready, Randy. -Alright brother. I got the boneless ones."

And it hits quick-- within bites.

"I'm already feeling it."

Randy taps out at six.

In under ten minutes, I'm at the halfway point.

*sniff* How's the snot?

The challenge gets worse the longer it goes.

The sauce keeps burning, with every bite like fire.

"The only thing I have to drink is my tears."

Almost there, and dripping.

Finally, in about twenty minutes, the final wing goes down.

My picture up on the Wall of Flame.

A big thanks to the folks at Wings Etc. on Maysville Road.

If you want to see me do a specific challenge, or if you work at a restaurant, and want bring me your best, send me an email or

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