Weatherman Versus Food: Triple Atomic Challenge

Published 04/26 2013 08:17PM

Updated 06/05 2013 08:59AM

Think about the spiciest thing you've ever had to eat.

Did it make you sweat- or cry?

I'm WFFT weekend meteorologist Andrew Logsdon, and I did a little of both this week- as I took on the triple atomic challenge at Quaker Steak and Lube, for our first installment of Weatherman Versus Food.

They were six of the spiciest things I've eaten in my life.

And it's something you can do too.

"The people that quit usually quit second bite into the first one- they're done," says store manager Al Negahban.

This week- I take on the Triple Atomic Challenge.

It is six wings- covered in ghost pepper sauce.

The bhut jolokia, or ghost pepper, has a Scoville Heat Unit rating of over five-hundred-thousand, which is three times hotter than the habanero pepper.

Here's the rules- you just have to eat six- no time limit.

Do it- and you are forever immortalized on the 'Wall of Flame.'

The first bites, ready for that blast of heat.

"That is amazing, oh my gosh!"

At first, you taste the sweetness of the ghost.

Then the heat slowly creeps in-- and doesn't stop.

Two wings in-- Randy taps out.

"That's it for me!"

I decide it's time to rub it in, and eat his wings too.

It's only a few minutes later, but the heat makes it feel like an eternity.

"Here we go!"

Lips burning- tongue almost numb- tears streaming--
The final wing goes down.


I get my shirt, and my name on the wall- for others to follow the same path.

They say about 25 people a month go triple atomic.

If you want to try- here's my advice.

"You just got to go as fast as you can. Don't stop to think- just do, and eat. Because then it's over sooner."

I'm fully recovered now, but it did take a couple days for it to cool off.

So along with being immortalized on the 'Wall of Flame,' I got this t-shirt, stickers, and of course, the memory of eating those wings burned in my mind.

Be sure to watch next week for our next installment.

I'll be at Oley's Pizza, taking on the Big Ten- a ten pound pizza.

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