Weatherman Versus food - Toscani's Two


Published 05/21 2014 09:05PM

Updated 05/27 2014 08:36AM

Friday night means it's time to eat.

And tonight- we have something big.

On tonight's Weatherman Versus Food, we return to Toscani's in Fort Wayne for possibly the largest sausage roll in the region.

If you like sausage- try nearly three pounds of it.

This Friday, Derek is going to try.

"I've had about three hours of prep time so i spent most of that just washing away any idea of self-respect or dignity, drank a little water, and that's about it,” Derek Sommers says.

He'll need more than that.

"This is such a bad idea."

He goes to work quick after cutting it into quarters.

Crushes the first piece in a matter of minutes.

And he keeps at it.

Pretty soon, one whole half of the crunchy calzone has disappeared- and it hasn't even been six minutes.

Soon, it's starting to catch up.

"You'll be good for the rest of the day, I think."

"I’ll be done doing anything for the rest of the day."

Derek's pace slows as he gets through the third piece.

That sausage is on a roll.

All that cheese- and veggies and sauce- are too much.

Derek did his best, but today, food wins.

"Terrible, terrible decision."

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