Weatherman Versus Food - Toscani Pizzeria


Published 12/06 2013 08:26PM

Updated 12/09 2013 09:06AM

Toscani Pizzaria in downtown Fort Wayne has been serving up their pizza pies and their famous sausage rolls for the past eight years.

This week on Weatherman Versus Food, meteorologist Andrew Logsdon takes it to an entirely new level...with a massive sausage roll!!

On Weatherman Versus Food- we've done pizza, we've done sandwiches- and this week, we combine it into one-inside this huge sausage roll at Toscani Pizzaria.

"We've got a sausage roll ready for you. Actually mike, my husband, made that, and it's got a little bit more in it than the normal sausage roll. 
He's added a lot of olives, green peppers, and onions,” says co-owner Julie Harris.

And all this sauce, and this huuuuge pile of sausage.

Normally, it weighs two pounds.

This one is bigger.

And here it comes.

"Oh wow!"

"Good luck."

And it's big!

"Look at this huge sausage roll!"

So I eat, and this Indiana calzone is very Hoosier friendly.

Under seven minutes, and it's halfway into my belly.

And this thick wich is going down.

"I'm filling up."

A few minutes later, just one bite of bread remains.

The cheese, the sauce, the toppings- and all that sausage- disappears.

Another challenge down.

"In the epic battle of weatherman versus giant sausage roll... Weatherman wins!"

That is a large sandwich.

Just a reminder--

You can find out about Toscani Pizzaria—


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