Weatherman Versus Food - Three Rivers Coney Dog Contest - Prelims


Published 07/09 2014 11:26AM

Updated 07/14 2014 08:41AM

Things are heating up this weekend in Fort Wayne's Headwater's Park- with the Three Rivers Festival, and a brand new event- a coney dog eating challenge.

WFFT has a preview in this week's Weatherman Versus Food.

"Eat!" "Here they go, ten hot dogs!"

For one hundred years, Fort Wayne and coney dogs have gone hand in hand.

This weekend, it's a challenge like this city has never seen.

Eaters lined up at deer park pub last month to qualify for the Three Rivers Coney Dog Contest this Saturday.

"We have one hundred eaters that have signed up. We have ten heats of ten... And the fastest of ten, of the hundred, fastest ten of the hundred, will go on to the three rivers festival, and they will, there we will have the fastest of that ten be crowned right here with this hat,” says Deer Park Pub owner Tony Henry.

"Come on!"

"People for years have been asking us, we should have a hot dog eating contest, and they see these challenges on TV. Actually the customers came to us, and so we just felt like we fulfilled their wish,” says Coney Island co-owner Jimmy Todoran.

Ten eaters at a time ate ten fully-loaded Coney Island coney dogs-

"Get set, eat!"

As fast as they could.

"Four eleven!" “Four minutes and eleven seconds, we have a new leader."

And the ten fast times, from all ten heats-

"On your marks, get set, eat!"

Have all moved on-

"Do not let this man beat you!"

To Saturday's main event- where they have fifteen minutes to eat as many of these as they can.

"3:26, oh my god!"

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