Weatherman Versus Food - The Brickhouse - Bellringer Two Challenge


Published 11/20 2013 07:08PM

Updated 11/21 2013 11:33AM

It's Friday, and that means it's time for another episode of Weatherman Versus Food.

This week, weekend meteorologist Andrew Logsdon is getting his bell rung.

He's down in Monroe, Indiana, taking on one of the biggest burgers I've ever seen.

It's this week's edition of Weatherman Versus Food.

Meat, meat, meat, cheese- meat, meat, cheese.

Meet the Bellringer Two Burger.

It's a challenge down at the Brickhouse in Monroe, Indiana.

"There's probably been two or three hundred people have tried, and there's probably been forty people who have completed it... Most people that- the people that can do it struggle to eat it, but they struggle worse the next day,” says owner Dan Lehman.

It's easy to see why.

This burger has grown to five half-pound patties- that's two and a half pounds of beef- with cheese, an extra bun, chili, and these fries.

Eat it all in an hour- get a t-shirt, your picture on the wall and a chance to ring the bell.

Andy Steiner was the first to conquer the Bellringer four years ago.

He offers me some advice.

"I would go fast. Don't take your time, because you get filled up. I cut it in half, and then split it and took little quarters of it,” Steiner says.

And here it comes.

"The Bellringer Two Burger. Look at that. Five patties, chili, cheese, another bun, and all these fries... And I have to do this in an hour."

"Here we go."

I grab the top two patties and bun and chow like a boss.

"Ok, so... Meat hiccups! Two patties down already, got three more to go, plus the fries."

Next up, meat, chili and middle bun.

I use the same approach.

"Third patty down."

Now it gets hard.

I use the sauce, cut it into fourths, and work through it.

“Andrew! Andrew!”

And using the creative cutlery, bites remain.

Amazingly, the burger goes down!

Now, the fries- which go down with ease.

And in just over a half an hour, all the food disappears!

I win the shirt and my picture on the wall.

And now, to ring that bell.

"Tonight's challenge- Weatherman versus Bellringer Burger... Weatherman wins!"

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