Weatherman Versus Food - Rose Bros. Pizza- Carnivore Challenge

Published 05/31 2013 10:05PM

Updated 06/05 2013 08:59AM

It's Friday... And that means it's time for another Weatherman Versus Food challenge.

It was WFFT weekend meteorologist Andrew Logsdon's biggest challenge yet.

He was in Hamilton at Rose Brothers Pizza-
Taking on the Carnivore Challenge.

The Carnivore Challenge--
A gastronomical treasure on the lake in Hamilton.

But that's the only thing tranquil about this giant pie.

"Two people get a half hour. It's a twenty-four inch all-meat pizza... And it weighs a little over seven pounds," says owner Todd Rose.

That's beef- sausage- ham- pepperoni- and bacon- a pound and a half of cheese.

And a ton of dough.

Out of 35 tries, only one team has won.

At first, my buddy Tristan and I feel confident.

"Twenty-four inches of pizza, five different meats, and tons of cheese. I think I'm about to become a 'meat-eatier-ologist.'"

And our time starts.

"Here we go! Tristan??"

And we dive in.

We start fast.

"And here come the meat sweats."

The pizza just keeps coming.

So we try to strategize.

"These ones are the toughest ones. Get them out of the way first."

But after fifteen minutes, we start to slow down.

Maybe some sauce can help us break it up.

"And to the rescue, some dip."

But this pizza is huuuuuuge.

With three minutes left- tristin throws it in.

And with that-

Pizza wins, and it's 35 for the house.

"Well, we gave it our best. The two of us, thirty minutes. Didn't even come close. The pizza gave it to us."

A huge thanks to everyone at rose brothers pizza.

Now even though we couldn't do it... You might be able to.

And if you try it... Send us the pictures.

Now if you have any ideas for future Weatherman Versus Food challenges... Send Andrew an email!


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