Weatherman Versus Food - Ribfest Rib Challenge

Published 06/14 2013 07:16PM

Updated 06/17 2013 09:00AM

It seems everybody is heading down to Ribfest this weekend.

That includes weekend meteorologist Andrew Logsdon, who attempted a massive rib challenge down there earlier today.

Some of the finest ribs in the world are smoking in Fort Wayne's Headwaters Park this weekend.

Today- I get to try some of the best.

This large tub of dry-rubbed ribs from Big Boned BBQ.

"And we've got eight pounds of St. Louis-style spare ribs... We're just going to see how much you can do," says Pat Nelson.

The crowd weighs in.

-"All eight." "You think I can?" "I think you can if you're hungry enough."

-"You'll be lucky if you can eat five pounds." "Lucky if I can eat five pounds?" "Yea, that's a lot of food."

-"I think you can do all eight."


-"Half of it."

Expectations are high... but time is not.

"We're going to do eight pounds of ribs in five minutes. How much of this can I do? Let's find out.

I get ready-

And go.

Nats- Go! Go! Go!

"One minute down!" "Oh boy..."

"Whoooo! Eat! Eat! Eat!"

Halfway through, the crowd keeps me going.

And time is about up.

The scale says- in five minutes, I ate a pound and a half of meat.

We counted sixteen bones- almost two full racks of ribs.

Definitely want to thank everyone at Big Boned BBQ for the ribs.

And hey, if you have any food challenge ideas for me-


You can also reach us at

Check out Big Boned BBQ on the web-

Ribfest continues through Sunday.

Here's their website-

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