Weatherman Versus Food - Rack and Helen's - Big Rack Burger Challenge


Published 08/28 2013 08:11PM

Updated 08/30 2013 11:41PM

And now, to the meat of our newscast.

WFFT Meteorologist Andrew Logsdon is taking all the meat and bacon he can handle this week.

He's taking on the ‘Big Rack Burger Challenge’ on this week's Weatherman Versus Food.

Rack and Helen's Bar and Grill in New Haven is bringing the meat.

They call it the Big Rack Burger.

"It is two of our quarter-pound patties, it gets six pieces of bacon, six pieces of cheese, comes deluxe, comes with a hot side and a cold side,” says general manager Wayd Rose.

"Melty goodness. And not just one- but two. Look at that thing!"

My goal- eat all of this in fifteen minutes- making it the 'Big Rack Burger Challenge.'

"Humongous burger, bunch of fries, and a cold side. We're doing cole slaw."

But there's no time to think.

"We're underway!"

"Ohhh, wow!"

And as we've learned from prior challenges- go as fast as you can.

"He's killing it!"

Indeed- we're only a few minutes in.

"Oh my god!"

And where's the beef?

All gone!

But- my arch nemesis remains- mocking me.

"We still have to climb Fry Mountain."

Today- these fries won't leave me fried.

"Last fry, last bite!"

And in just over ten minutes- Weatherman wins!

A big thanks to Rack and Helen's for the challenge.

Now that you've seen that, maybe you know of a challenge Andrew should do.

Send him an email.

Check out Rack & Helen’s Bar & Grill at-

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