Weatherman Versus Food - Peanuts' Basket of Death Two


Published 03/27 2014 12:14AM

Updated 03/31 2014 10:13AM

It's Friday, and we're returning to a familiar place on Weatherman Versus Food.

You might remember last year when meteorologist Andrew Logsdon went to Peanuts Food and Spirits in Fort Wayne for the Death Basket Wings Challenge.

Well, he's got some poor guy trying to beat his feat- and the heat- in this week's Weatherman Versus Food.

The Basket of Death Wing Challenge- beat the heat or burn up.

Today, it's Raoul Pomalaza-Lloyd's chance to take it down inside Peanuts Food and Spirits.

"I've had blazing hot from pizza hut, but it's still not spicy enough... When I'm at the table, I'm going to try it, take it slow for a little bit if I like it,” Raoul says.

He doesn't even know.

But he will soon- with the crowd watching.

He starts slow on the ten wings, taking each carefully.

"How you feeling? Is it hot?"


Three wings in, he's starting to sweat.

"Seven minutes left!"

"Uh oh!"

He picks it up, as his worried wife watches.

"Oh yea, he's sweating good now!"

Wings down.

"Alright, he's got three minutes left!"

Now three minutes for those fries.

The hardest bite to swallow.

With twenty seconds left, Raoul earns his shirt and matches the weatherman.
If you think you can take on a challenge like that, send Andrew an email.

You can check out Peanuts Food and Spirits at-

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