Weatherman Versus Food - Peanuts - Basket of Death

Published 07/22 2013 09:58PM

Updated 07/29 2013 08:51AM

We're turning the heat back up this week on Weatherman Versus Food.

WFFT meteorologist Andrew Logsdon found another batch of spicy hot wings.

This week, I was at Fort Wayne's Peanuts Food and Spirits.

Their wing challenge- get this-they call it the 'Basket of Death.'

Hot wings are back!

Peanuts Food and Spirits offers their challenge called the 'Basket of Death,' a sauce made with five of the world's hottest peppers.

"It is ten wings with the death sauce and a two-thirds pound of fries in ten minutes... about a hundred and twenty have tried it so far- maybe about twenty have accomplished it. There was a couple of guys who did it in under two minutes and fifty seconds," says owner Rob Klinkenberg.

You might remember what fries did to me in my last challenge.

Let's see if I can push through the starchy trap.

"This is Andrew from Channel Fifty-Five! The weatherman! He's going to try our Basket of Death!"

The crowed is buzzing.

"Four-three-two-one!" "Here we go!"

By the third wing, I'm starting to sweat.

But they go down fast.

"Here's five."

I'm just three minutes in.

"Ok, we're halfway there. Here's six."

Really fast.

"Alright, five minutes down, half the time's left. Last wing!"

And I kill the death-sauced wings.

"All the wings down, now the fries."

Yes, the fries.

"Eat it! Eat it!"

But they won't get me this time.

I win the shirt, and the crowd's respect, and conquer the basket of death.

A huge thank you to Peanuts for the wings- They're worth trying.

If you do, send us some pics.

You can check them out at-

If you know of any restaurants in our area offering food challenges you'd like to see me tackle-

Email me- that's

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