Weatherman Versus Food - Oley's Pizza Two


Published 06/18 2014 06:30PM

Updated 06/21 2014 11:48AM

It's Friday, and on Weatherman Versus Food we return to one of the first food challenges Andrew Logsdon ever faced.

Oley's Pizza on Highway 24 makes a ten pound pizza.

WFFT weekend meteorologist Andrew Logsdon has a team of three guys ready who think they can topple the Big Ten.

Ten pounds of deep dish pizza.

We're back at Oley's Pizza, as Ean, Josh and Josh hope to take down the Big Ten.

"No time limit, then I'm just going to chew chew chew chew it up,” says challenger Ean McFadden.

"Going to eat as much as I can, as fast as I can, before I get full,” says challenger Josh McGinnis.

"I just kind of didn't eat today and trying to be as hungry as I can for the challenge,” says challenger Josh Bubb.

Time to pizza up.

Of the ten pounds they say five of it is cheese.

And they go mouth first.

"There's so much cheese!"

All three speed through slice one and on to two.

"Oh my god!"

That's when it starts to catch up.

"This is so much cheese, man. Feels like a brick sitting in my stomach."

They barely get through the second slice.

Time for number three?

"I'm done, man."

Josh runs out and the other two are stuffed.

They tried their best- but today, food wins.

"Food has won."

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