Weatherman Versus Food: Oley's Pizza- The Big Ten

Published 05/04 2013 06:27PM

Updated 06/05 2013 09:00AM

After my stomach healed from the spicy wings challenge last week, I'm WFFT meteorologist Andrew Logsdon, and I'm back for another Weatherman Versus Food challenge.

This week, I was at the original Oley's Pizza, taking on a massive pizza called 'The Big Ten.'

That's a 10 pound pizza, and it was more than a mouthful.

The original Oley's Pizza- an area staple for thirty-three years.

Their signature item-- The Big Ten.

It's ten pounds of meat, cheese and crust.

"Five pounds of dough and cheese right here."

Jessica Palumbo says it was one of the first things her grandfather put on the menu.

"And it's our double crust, and he just thought it'd be awesome to have this huge pizza- good for parties, good for challenges," Palumbo says.

They sell ten of these a night.

"The godfather gets all of these toppings."

Sausage, meatballs, steak, roasted garlic, tomatoes, jalapeos...
And more cheese.

A tough feat for one.

"We've had a pair of two finish it one time in the past fifteen years," Palumbo says.

"Here it is! - Ten pound pizza..."

And the time has come.

"Eight slices of this is ten pounds. I don't think I'll be able to do this by myself. Boys!"

Four of us dig in to 2.5 pounds each.

Still a difficult task.

In about ten minutes- most of us get the first slice down.

"And here's number two!"

After that, it starts to slow us down.

"It's the meat sweats."

"Going strong and probably eat a third one."

"It's catching up to me."

Finally, it all goes down- all ten pounds.

"Four of us, we pretty much got it down. So if you're going to do it, bring a group of people- make a party out of it."

Thanks again to the original Oley's Pizza on Highway 24.

If you missed it, just one two-person group ate the thing in the last fifteen years!

That's the largest attempt ever.

Next Friday I'll take on some crazy hot wings in another weatherman versus food challenge.

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