Weatherman Versus Food - Nick's Kitchen - Pork Tenderloin Challenge


Published 09/18 2013 09:49PM

Updated 09/23 2013 08:50AM

Sometimes, you have to go with an original.

So tonight, on this week's episode of Weatherman Versus Food, WFFT meteorologist Andrew Logsdon went down to Nick's Kitchen in Huntington- the birthplace of the pork tenderloin sandwich.

His challenge is big and meaty- and he'll have to be speedy.

Nick's Kitchen opened in 1908 in Huntington.

And legend has it, it was then that founder Nick Freienstein created the Hoosier classic-

"We're going to put that in the oil"

Pork tenderloin sandwich.

"It's pretty large. It's served on a five-inch bun, and it hangs out over the edge. And we serve it with everything, which would be lettuce, onion, mayonnaise and pickle,” says Nick’s Kitchen owner Jean Ann Bailey.

My challenge- eat this sandwich, and a slice of sugar cream pie in ten minutes.

"Here's the tenderloin!"

"Alright, wow, that is big!"

So big, and smells great.

"It's got wings!"

"We're going to start. Ten minutes!"

"Ok, and original, here we go!"

Time to show this original who's boss.

Within minutes-

"We're getting down."

Down goes the sandwich.

"Now here's this pie."


And this pie- Oh! This pie!

I wish time would stand still so I can eat this pie.

But time is down- just past six minutes.

In under seven minutes, Weatherman wins!

"So when you come down to nick's kitchen, and you will, you'll definitely want to have both of these, maybe have some onion rings or french fries. It's a lot of food, but you can throw it down."

A big thanks to Nick's Kitchen for the challenge.

And if you have any food challenge ideas for Andrew- maybe there's something you really want to see him eat, send him an email.

Check out Nick's Kitchen at-

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