Weatherman Versus Food - Neuenschwander's - Every Sandwich On the Menu Challenge


Published 09/05 2013 10:36PM

Updated 09/07 2013 10:53AM

We've seen our weatherman tackle some big meals.

But tonight's is big- we're talking six sandwiches at once!

WFFT weekend meteorologist Andrew Logsdon is taking on the big one in this week's episode of Weatherman Versus Food.

This week I'm in picturesque Berne, Indiana, attempting what could be my 'wurst' challenge yet.

Near the entrance to the city is the long-running Neueschwander's Famous Swiss Bratwurst stand.

"We are going to be eating every sandwich on the menu- in no specific amount of time, because that's a challenge in itself,” says part-owner Aaron Givens.

Every sandwich on the menu.

Onto the grill goes the famous bratwurst- plus brisket, a hot dog, ham, cheese- practically everything in the cooler.

It's six sandwiches worth, and it's coming my way.

"Here we go!" "And we're going to eat every sandwich!"

The 'Every Sandwich on the Menu Challenge.'

"So we have a classic bratwurst with sauerkraut, we got some brisket. We've got a coney dog, we've got salami, ham and cheese, we've got pulled pork, and a rib eye sandwich. My challenge is no time- I'm just going to eat all of it."

"You think I can do it?" "Yea!"

The brat goes first- and goes down.

"Take on the rib eye! Ooooooo, that's tender."

So is the brisket.

Three down.

"Thank you, sweet pig."

And the coney, pulled pork and ham and cheese.

Six sandwiches is a lot to swallow.

And today-

"You win!"

It got the 'wurst' of me.

"And in the battle of Weatherman Versus Every Sandwich on the Menu, six sandwiches... Food won."

Big thank you to Neuenschwander’s and the folks at Berne Locker meats for that.

You can check them out at- 

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