Weatherman Versus Food - Lunch Box Cafe Two


Published 04/24 2014 10:57PM

Updated 04/28 2014 08:55AM

Friday night means it's time for another episode of Weatherman Versus Food.

Tonight WFFT meteorologist Andrew Logsdon and challenger return to tackle what is probably the tallest sandwich in the region.

The Dagwood Sandwich Challenge is back from Fort Wayne's Lunch Box Café in this week's Weatherman Versus Food.

It's back and taller than ever.

Three layers of meats, cheeses and veggies, topped with onion rings.

Today, it's Jeff's turn to take on the Dagwood Challenge.

"Let's see, I've dealt with people in the wrestling business, the entertainment business... Just elbow drop it! I don't know, probably cut it up, who knows? I'd have to see it first,” says challenger Jeff Landis.

Well, he's about to.

"Oh my god!”

"Here's your Dagwood Sandwich."

She's a stunner, she is.

Stacked up there so innocent like that- Jeff doesn't know what to do.

"I'm speechless right now."

Thinking is going to be his worst enemy on a challenge like this, so he dives right in at the top.

No need to ring around the rosey- he goes all in.

He pulls off the first of the three layers- a wise move.

But he's got to get through it fast.

That's a lot of sandwich.

"The face says it all. Want some?"

I've been there already, and he's got to get eating.

"How many minutes do I got?"

As many as you need, which unfortunately isn't enough.

The Dagwood is a dag-beast.

He calls it quits.

And today- food wins!

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