Weatherman Versus Food - Lunch Box Cafe - Dagwood Challenge


Published 08/21 2013 07:47PM

Updated 08/26 2013 08:50AM

Think about the biggest sandwich you've ever eaten.

Tonight, on Weatherman Versus Food, meteorologist Andrew Logsdon is taking on his biggest challenge yet.

It's the Dagwood Challenge from Fort Wayne's Lunch Box Cafe.

And yes, it's full of ham.

This sandwich is big.

"Yea, it's fabulous. Not every many people though finish it. A lot of times I'm sending half of it home in a box,” says owner Tina Yanko.

Really big.

The Dagwood sandwich is a triple-deck sandwich- made from an entire bread bowl, and tons of meat, cheese and toppings.

And a stack of onion rings.

“It's bigger than my head!”

My challenge - eat this entire sandwich, plus a piece of pie- in fifteen minutes.

The timer starts, and I dive in.

First onion rings.

Then the sandwich.

“There we go, there's the first part.”

And that first bite.

Most people eat this as a double-decker, and it takes them almost an hour.
“Okay, piece number two. Less bread, so let's see if we can get through it quicker.”

But time eats away.

All that bread, plus the meat and cheese, and tasty onion rings- time runs out.

“I think food wins today.”

And I'm done.

“That's a lot.”

And I didn't even get to eat the pie.

That is one huge sandwich.

And a huge thanks to the Lunch Box Cafe.

If you have any food challenge ideas you'd like to see Andrew do, or maybe you want to create one for him, send him and email!

Check out the Lunch Box Cafe at-

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