Weatherman Versus Food: Jumby's Joint- 'I Dare You' Sauce Challenge

Published 05/17 2013 09:26PM

Updated 06/05 2013 08:59AM

It's really starting to heat up outside.

And for WFFT weekend meteorologist Andrew Logsdon- it's heating up for again in this week's edition of Weatherman Versus Food.

Sometimes the hottest thing you can eat- comes on wheels.

This is Jumby's Joint- a Fort Wayne food truck.

"We have an 'I Dare You' heat eating challenge. I'm a heat freak, as far as food goes- an adrenaline junkie," says owner Jim Garigen.

So he created this super-spicy sauce.

"It's got a combination of the new Trinidad Moruga Scorpion pepper, it's got ghost pepper in there, habanero pepper- we use some Hungarian paprika," Garigen says.

And covers these pulled pork sliders in the stuff.

Garigen says, so far, no one has finished two.

In June, he'll cook the pork in the sauce- and make full-sized sandwiches.
"Here you go..." "Here we go!"

Today, it's my chance to see how it all goes down.

"And here we go! Mmmmmm!"

It doesn't look like much-- but it hits- hard.

"I'm curious to see how the scorpion's going to feel- oh, there it is!"

The challenge will be six minutes long, with no drinks for five minutes afterwards.

I'm at five minutes.

"Two sliders- ghost and scorpion pepper sauce... And we're down. Whoooo, hooo hooo!"

He says I'm the first to finish the sliders.

"If you want to take on the 'I Dare You' sauce challenge, you're not going to have a lot of time to prepare- because you could just find him on the side of the road somewhere, at some event somewhere, you could just decide to do it. So, just eat it, just throw it down- it may be intense, but it's definitely worth the time."

I'll definitely revisit that one for the full challenge next month--
We'll do a follow up.

Big thanks to Jumby's Joint!

If you have any food challenge ideas for me--

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