Weatherman Versus Food - Jersey Mike's Subs


Published 12/27 2013 06:10PM

Updated 12/30 2013 08:49AM

You've seen WFFT meteorologist Andrew Logsdon take on some huge food challenges over the past year.

Tonight, he goes out with a bang.

He's taking down thirty inches of sub sandwich.

Let's see if it torpedoes him on tonight's Weatherman Versus Food.

Sometimes, a sub sandwich hits the spot.

Tonight, I'm at a new location in Fort Wayne.

Jersey Mike’s has been making the sandwiches since the 1950s and recently opened up in the Summit City.

Their giant subs measure fifteen inches long- with the biggest sellers- the number 13-Original Italian- and the 56- Big Kahuna- a large cheesesteak.

"What you're going to eat is, you're going to eat a giant thirteen, and you're going to eat a giant fifty-six, we're going to top it off with two bags of chips, that's basically two meals, and we're going to give you a thirty-two ouncer and a cookie for dessert,” says owner Lee Pines.

That's thirty inches of sub, plus sides, in thirty minutes.

They slice everything fresh in-house, and create these monsters.

"Which one is he going to eat first?"

"He's going to eat them both."

No time to strategize.

"All in a half hour. Here we go!"

First up- the Italian.


"Ok, now look at that!"

Let's see how big that Kahuna is.

I work on each for the first fifteen minutes, plowing through the first half of each.

Nearing the end, it starts to catch up.

"Gotta keep going."

I keep my periscope on the prize.

One sub down, but time is running out.

"So in the battle of Weatherman versus Jersey Mike's Subs, this time... Food wins."

You can check it out at-

And that was actually the final challenge that I am competing in.

So now, we're looking at you for your help.

From now on, it'll be you competing in these food challenges.

If you'd like to participate, email me.

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