Weatherman Versus Food - Jersey Mike's Big Game Sub Challenge


Published 01/29 2014 07:28PM

Updated 02/03 2014 09:16AM

It's Friday, and that means it's time for another episode of Weatherman Versus Food.

But now, our weekend meteorologist Andrew Logsdon is no longer competing, because now it's your turn!

We brought in four of you to compete in the Weatherman Versus Food Jersey Mike’s Big Game Sub Challenge.

It's back!

And now, bigger than ever!

Because, it's now your turn.

We brought in four big eaters to compete in the Weatherman Versus Food Jersey Mike’s Big Game Sub Challenge!

"Trevor... We'll see how this goes."

"Chris... I've been training my whole life for this. Really excited to be a part of it."

"Tony... I'm about to take the lot of them down. Let's do it!"

"Austin... Just every day, working at Jersey Mike’s."

The challenge- eat a fifteen inch meaty sub, plus two bags of chips, a cookie, and a thirty-two ounce drink.

First one done, wins!

They dive in fast.

Within a couple of minutes, they all have part of the sub down.

They're eating fast.

Maybe too fast.

"You alright, Trevor?"

They attack the sides right away.

"Six and a half minutes, boys."

Chris begins to pull away.

And soon after gets the sandwich down first!

But he still has that cookie and drink to go.

The others are closing in.

"Coming in on the ten-minute mark."

But the other three are sunk.

In just under eleven minutes, Chris wins the big game sub challenge!

"You win the challenge today! Tell me, what was the toughest part?"

"A lot of it was just the mental preparation. Seeing this huge sub in front of me was daunting. So just getting past that."

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