Weatherman Versus Food - Halls Triathlon - A Look Back


Published 07/23 2014 06:39PM

Updated 07/25 2014 11:13PM

A blast from the past this week on Weatherman Versus Food.

Last year, we had our weekend meteorologist Andrew Logsdon in one of his biggest challenges ever.

He competed in a food triathlon at the Don Hall's restaurants in downtown Fort Wayne.

But it's unlike any race you've ever seen.

A race it certainly is.

Today, I'm at the Don Hall's Restaurants complex in downtown Fort Wayne, taking on three challenges in one.

Starting with the Deck- then Takaoka- and finishing at the Gas House.

"We're going to start off with the world-famous spinach artichoke dip. A lot of cheese, a lot of starch, and a whole lot of pita bread. Then we're going to take you upstairs to do the Takaoka special dinner. Now, this is no small ordeal. This is steak, this is lobster, this is soup, salad, bean sprouts, vegetables, rice, the whole shot... To finish it up, we're going to bring you back downstairs, and it's going to be a wedge- not just a piece, a wedge- of German chocolate cake, ice cream.. The chocolate, the caramel, the nuts, the whole nine yards,” says Hall’s General Manager Ben Hall.

But this isn't a solo effort.

I'll be racing against three of Don Hall's finest.

Beat two of them- and I win the challenge.

I get prepped and head over to the deck, for the first leg.

I'm facing Jake, and a big platter of dip and chips.

Jake goes into the dip fast, and tries to soak his chips in a bucket of water.

My method- double stack chips- and stay slow and steady.

For nearly ten minutes, we dip away.

I pull ahead late- while he's still chipping away.

“Leg one, complete!”

And now the race moves inside.

“Round two, complete dinner, here we go!”

Up to Takaoka, where I'm facing George for a full tepanyaki dinner.

If you remember- that challenge was so big, we have to break it into two parts.

Part two of the challenge airs next Friday.

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